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Fans are stunned by an influencer’s “bold” baby name.

There is a lot of debate on the internet over the unique name that a famous social media personality chose for her first born child; people are either in favour of it or opposed to it.

After experiencing difficulties with having children, Trisha Paytas and her husband, Moses Hacmon, recently became parents to a daughter named Malibu Barbie.

The influencer, who first soared to online celebrity on YouTube in 2006, has been sharing her prenatal journey with her millions of followers all throughout her nine months of pregnancy.

However, fans have been left divided by the 34-year-old artist's “bold” choice in name, and some have even questioned whether or not the nickname is legitimate.

“Trish is the one who came up with such a dreadful name for her. “She's a baby, not a toy,” a livid lady posted on Twitter. “She's not a doll.”

Someone else questioned, “Is it possible that Trisha Paytas gave her daughter the moniker Malibu Barbie?”

“Malibu Barbie. Someone else chimed in and said, “That's a name. It's certainly an unconventional choice, but I'm delighted to hear that the mother, the father, and the kid are all doing well.”

One person yelled, “Malibu Barbie is heartless and self-centered. The unfortunate parents of the child are engaging in a dishonourable game. It is in no way a charming name.

On the other hand, several people thought the strange name was “cute,” and they said that it was a “perfect” choice for Trisha, who is renowned for being eccentric and over the top.

“I don't know about you guys, but I find the name “Malibu” to be quite endearing for a little child. Someone wrote that Trisha Paytas had finally done something positive.

“Controversial opinion, but I really like what Trisha Paytas has chosen for her child's name… Another person concurred that Malibu Barbie is quite adorable.

Someone else remarked, “Yall are hating on Trisha Paytas' baby's name, but after a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that I sorta adore it.” [Citation needed]

However, the moniker is so “out there” that it has led some people to believe that it is a “fake” name that was given to the child in order to keep the child's identity private.

It would appear that Trisha, who has referred to her daughter as a “miracle,” is not letting the negativity influence her, as she has given fans a thorough tour of tiny Malibu Barbie's fully decked out nursery. Trisha has also called her daughter as a “miracle.”

The backlash against pink nurseries

The popular YouTuber uploaded a video in which she showed off the opulent nursery that her husband, Moses, had designed for their first kid together.

The pink nursery features handpainted murals on the wall of the famed children's toy, as well as beach scenery and their daughter's name, “Malibu Barbie,” scrawled on the wall where the pink cot is positioned.

Even Trisha's attire, which she wears while giving visitors a tour of her pink-themed recording studio, is pink, like the carpet and the furnishings.

The striking room, however, has been met with criticism, with some alleging that the new mother is “going far” with the Barbie branding.

One woman asserted that another was “Girl ready to be sued by Mattel.”

Another individual commented, “My heart is breaking for this child because someone is trying to impose their personality on her.”

However, there were also a great number of people who “liked” the nursery and told Trisha that she “nailed it.”

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