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“Sexy refugee” abandoned when relationship turns sour

A British father who left his wife for the “beautiful” Ukrainian immigrant they took in when Russia invaded is now alone after a heated argument caused the notorious couple to divorce.

Tony Garnett, age 29, left Lorna, the mother of his two children, after falling in love with Sofiia Karkadym, age 22.

The security guard startled his family when he ended his 10-year marriage just 10 days after welcoming Sofiia from war-torn Ukraine into their family home.

Now, however, the father asserts that a series of heated disagreements brought an abrupt stop to his brief romance with his ex-girlfriend Sofiia.

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“I am completely done with her. We are no longer together,” the security guard told MailOnline.

Tony claimed the final straw was Saturday night's argument during his 30th birthday celebration at their home in Bradford, northern England.

However, the night apparently concluded with Tony phoning the police, who responded to the residence after a confrontation.

Tony asserted that he “made every extra effort” to make the new relationship work.

“I knew we would appear like fools if we broke up because of our media presence and the attention we've received on television and the internet,” he remarked.

“I also felt true compassion for her.

She left her home and nation, which was at war, and came to a place where she knew no one.

Tony stated that he has subsequently considered his brief relationship with Sofia and concluded that it was a “mistake.”

However, the father claims he has not abandoned his ex-girlfriend and has even texted her mother for assistance.

In addition to contacting the local council, he intends to help relocate Sofia.

“I hope she finds a safe place to live and is in a happier environment. “However, she is not my type,” Tony said.

Tony asserts that Sofiia has sent numerous texts since their breakup, expressing her love for him and desire for a reconciliation.

However, he does not wish for her return and accuses her of “ruining” his birthday.

The couple had previously expressed their desire to wed.

Lorna, Tony's former wife, reportedly told friends that she was unsurprised by the news of their separation.

According to The Sun, the 28-year-old told friends, “I knew it would end in tragedy for them, but I didn't expect it to occur after only four months.”

Lorna, who had changed her surname by deed poll to match Tony's but is not legally married to him, had previously asserted that Sofiia would wear low-cut clothing and makeup about their home in order to impress Tony.

She stated, “She had Anthony in her sights from the beginning.”

“She chose to take him after deciding she wanted him.

“I cannot fathom how he could throw all that away for a woman he has just known for two weeks. My previous life is broken.”

The mother recalled feeling like a “third wheel” and “unwelcome in her own home” as a result of the event.

She emphasised that she would never discourage people from supporting refugees.

She stated, “There is a situation in Ukraine, and individuals like me will want to support those in need.”

Sofiia, who fled the city of Lviv at the beginning of the Ukraine war, was labelled a “homewrecker” as soon as the news of her romance broke in May.

As a result, she was compelled to defend herself against the vicious comments made online, insisting that nothing occurred between them before they left the family home.

“I never imagined or intended to enter their home and remove Tony from Lora. That never crossed my mind,” she told The Sun before.

“From my perspective, they ended their relationship long before I came. The bond between them was flawed. Nothing here is my creation.

It was my choice to go when I did, and Tony chose to accompany me.

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