The pension reform will come into force “from the summer of 2023”, announces Emmanuel Macron

Facts In an interview published on Friday June 3, Emmanuel Macron affirmed that the pension reform will come into force "from the summer of 2023". The President of the Republic also announced the launch of a "National Council for Refoundation" and spoke about the war in Ukraine and the incidents at the Stade de France.

The pension reform, “essential to the financing of our transformations”, will come into force “from the summer of 2023”, assured Emmanuel Macron in an interview with several regional press newspapers published on Friday, June 3. The President of the Republic also announced that he wanted to bring together after the legislative elections a “National Council for Refoundation” with “political, economic, social and associative forces” as well as citizens drawn by lot.

The National Council will be launched by the Head of State himself and will have to achieve five objectives: ” independence (industrial, military, food, etc.), full employment, carbon neutrality, public services for equality of opportunities, and democratic rebirth with institutional reform”. Emmanuel Macron clarified that there will be “the first sequence of several days” which will focus on purchasing power, “than regular meetings”.

Responses to officials with the index point will be made in particular and the purchasing power law will be voted “as of this summer”, continued Emmanuel Macron, also announcing the extension in August of the 18-centime rebate on fuels.

War in Ukraine, incidents at the Stade de France…

During the war in Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron considered that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had made “a historic and fundamental error for his people, for himself and for history” by attacking Kyiv and that he was today ” isolated”. The Head of State also added that he did not rule out visiting the Ukrainian capital soon.

Regarding the incidents at the Stade de France during the Champions League final, the president said he was “outraged” by “the disorder in all its forms and by what we have seen”“I have a thought for the families who have been pushed around, who have not been able to access the places they had paid for. This is why I would like us to be able to compensate them as soon as possible”, he underlined, repeating that he had “asked the government to determine the responsibilities and to explain them in the smallest details to our compatriots, to the Britons and Spaniards”.

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