CF Montreal Canadian Champion!

CF Montreal Won A Second Straight Championship

This is the fifth coronation for Montreal, which has won four of its titles against Toronto. It is a small lobe over the goalkeeper Quentin Westberg which allowed Romell Quioto of the only goal of the game in the 72 minutes.

Quioto, who played with a knife between his teeth, was named player of the game while Montreal goalkeeper Sebastian Breza was awarded the tournament MVP award. This victory will allow CF Montreal to participate in the CONCACAF Champions League next winter.

Signed Westberg

The Montrealers quickly showed their colors and we can say that the first half was strongly influenced by the play of Toronto goaltender, Quentin Westberg.

He made five saves, including four at the expense of Romell Quioto, who tested him in the 11th second, after a brilliant pass in the back of the defense by Joaquin Torres.

The big Honduran striker attacked from everywhere in this first half, settling especially in the small rectangle of Westberg. The game was dominated by the Montrealers: they fired nine shots, including five shots on target, against only one in each category for the visitors, who also lost Alejandro Pozuelo in the first quarter of an hour, following a wound.


This meeting presented strange similarities with that of October 23 in Toronto, during which CF Montreal had to settle for a draw of 1 to 1. Reality check: Montreal had a better game and took the lead, but Jozy Altidore had scored in stoppage time to cause the tie.

Fortunately, this time around the team was able to hold out in front of their spectators. It took a while to score the goal, but I didn't feel my players were in danger, they were in control,” said Wilfried Nancy. There was the post, for once we brought luck on the good side. ”

No shooting

Montreal's collective defensive play took the upper hand over that of Toronto FC, who were unable to frame a single shot on just four attempts in the game.

In the Montreal camp, we attempted 22 shots, nine of which were on target, with possession of 56.9%. CF Montreal, therefore, had a good game overall. What the statistics do not tell, however, is that the fortress was almost giving in to the 90 th minute. Indeed, little busy until then, goalkeeper Sebastian Breza came out in front of Nick DeLeon, then the ball found itself at the mouth of the goal without a goalkeeper and Jordan Perruzza hit the post.

Without Saputo

It was cold, but the sun came out at the start of the game to warm up a noisy Saputo Stadium like it had been a long time since we had heard it.

From the outset, the hundred or so Toronto fans made their voices heard, but the local fans eventually gained the upper hand. One question remains, however: why did the owner, Joey Saputo, choose to attend the Bologna FC match in Italy rather than be in Montreal for this final? Considering the events of the week, it would have been fashionable for the owner to be in the building for the last game of the season.

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