Drew McIntyre ready for WWE title reign, explains why Clash at the Castle is bigger than WrestleMania for him

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Drew McIntyre will face off against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales, Saturday in what he hopes will bring an end to the “Tribal Chief’s” two-year-plus stranglehold on the title.

For McIntyre, it’s a homecoming of sorts. He was born in Ayr, Scotland, which is located nearly 400 miles north of where the premium event will take place. He will have a chance to pick up the WWE championship for the third time in his career with the company.

When asked by Fox News Digital what it’s like having the event essentially in his backyard, McIntyre responded, “It’s wild.”

McIntyre admitted that Reigns was on an impressive streak but didn’t necessarily like how he did business in the ring.


WWE Clash at the Castle will take place Sept. 3, 2022.

“It’s beyond incredible to hold the title for two years, and Roman’s somebody who has done some incredible things the past 10-plus years, main-evented multiple WrestleManias. And he disappeared for a while during the pandemic, where I was leading the charge as WWE champion and reappeared as this ‘Tribal Chief’ character, which took him to the next level,” McIntyre told Fox News Digital.


“I don’t necessarily like the way he gets things done these days, and he’s a changed man. But, nonetheless, he’s very successful. He’s a huge star. He’s somebody I’ve looked up to and learned from over the years. And this Saturday, at Clash at the Castle, I’m going to have to kick his head off his body and take those titles because I don’t feel like he represents the titles the way they should be represented, quite frankly.”

Getting the opportunity to beat Reigns would be a huge accomplishment. McIntyre said, adding that it would be the first time he would hold the title in front of a live audience. His two previous title reigns were in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic.

Drew McIntyre pictured in Glasgow. 

Drew McIntyre pictured in Glasgow. 

“It would be the biggest moment of my career just because I never envisioned a moment like this coming up and being in the title match in the U.K. and just the journey that I’ve been on. And the interesting thing is, I’m a two-time WWE champion. I won my first title in front of nobody right at the peak of the pandemic, won my second title in front of virtual fans. I’ve never held the title in front of live fans, and I’ve been champion for 300 days, which is pretty crazy.

“To win it for a third time, in front of my fans, on a home show essentially, would be a big moment that I’ve been searching for. And to beat Roman on the run he’s on would really take Drew McIntyre to that next level.”

But would it be a bigger moment than WrestleMania?

“For me personally, it is,” McIntyre said. “This is something, like I’ve said multiple times, I just couldn’t even have dreamt up this scenario. I did dream of a U.K. stadium show, and I would’ve been happy to be on the show. But I could never have envisioned that I would be in the main event fighting for the title against the one individual I’ve not been able to beat in multiple matches we’ve had together. And he’s on the run of his life.

British Bulldog battled Bret Hart at SummerSlam in 1992.

British Bulldog battled Bret Hart at SummerSlam in 1992.

“I have the momentum behind me right now. People are talking about this match all across the world to such an insane degree. I couldn’t imagine this particular situation. So, yeah, this is beyond a dream come true for me.”


Clash at the Castle takes place Saturday and can be seen on Peacock starting at noon ET. It’s the first stadium show in the United Kingdom since 1992 SummerSlam and first pay-per-view in the U.S. since 2003 Insurrextion. 

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