Landyn Hutchinson, wife of former NFL star, talks about her ‘job’ in relationship as he played: ‘A lost art’

Landyn Hutchinson opened up in a recent podcast interview about her life as a wife to an NFL star when her husband, Steve, was pancaking defensive lineman in the league from 2001 to 2012.

Hutchinson, who has built an impressive social media presence with a lifestyle blog and Instagram page, appeared on “The Skinny Confidential” and talked about her relationship with her husband as he played in the NFL. The two have been married for 26 years and she stood by her husband as he played for the Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans.


Landyn Hutchinson and Steve Hutchinson attend the Hall of Fame Health and Fund Recovery Inaugural Charity Concert and Dinner on April 5, 2022, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

She gave a peek into what her life was like at the beginning of Steve’s career and talked about her relationships with other NFL wives and girlfriends during the time. She said interacting with them was like at any other job where she would hang out with the people she liked and avoid people she didn’t like. But there was at least one thing that stuck out.

“It is interesting, you know, a lot of them are resentful just because I think they gave up whatever career and life they had for their husband to go on and run with this,” Hutchinson said on the podcast. “But in my mind, I was gifted a position and fell in love with a wonderful man that happened to be very good at what he did and I took that on as my job.

“So, my job became I’m going to be the best wife, I’m going to keep myself in shape, I’m going to run a great house, I’m going to make some beautiful kids. I just kinda owned it.… Here’s the thing, I’m a '50s wife at heart. No one can take that away from me. I wanted dinner around the table.… I think it’s honestly a lost art.

Landyn Hutchinson poses

Landyn Hutchinson attends the Nashville Creator Awards hosted by WeWork at Marathon Music Works on Sept. 13, 2018. (Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for the WeWork Creator Awards)


She added that she wanted to keep a good foundation at home for her husband and their children.

“All I have and all I can control in this world is my house and what happens inside of it,” she said. “There’s a lot of s— going on in the world but that’s what I can keep close to home. I just took that on. That was my job. I’m not going to complain about it. There’s a million people who would trade places with me.”

Landyn Hutchinson now owns the “Living with Landyn” brand, which has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Steve Hutchinson looks on

Steve Hutchinson of the Minnesota Vikings during the Bears game at Soldier Field, Dec. 28, 2009, in Chicago. (Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)


Steve Hutchinson earned seven Pro Bowl selections and five First-Team All-Pro nods during his career. He was a college football national champion with Michigan in 1997 and was named to the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team.

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