St-Germain Back In The Top 10!

The Quebecer finished ninth in the Slalom World Cup in Lienz, Austria on Wednesday

Laurence St-Germain signed his best result since the beginning of the season of the World Cup by finishing in 9 the position of the slalom in Lienz, Austria, presented Wednesday.

Occupying 7 the place after the first round, St-Germain lost two places in the second, but she said she was satisfied with her performance and above all happy to return to the Top 10. She set a cumulative time of 1 min 43 s 62, finishing 1.52 behind Slovakian gold medalist Petra Vlhova.

“It really feels good to be back in the Top 10, said the slalom skier who finished in 17th and 13 throws, respectively, in the first two races of the season. I attacked well and I'm happy with my approach. In the second set, I made a few tactical mistakes, but I was ready from the first gate, which wasn't always the case last season, and I followed my game plan. It's definitely the race where I had the best approach this year. ”

Difficult Workouts

In addition to having a start to the season that did not live up to his expectations, St-Germain said he had struggled in the last two weeks of training. “I had already been more confident about entering a race,” she said. It stressed me out a bit because it wasn't going to my liking in training. I alternated the good days and the bad days and I was not constant. We were doing times to simulate races and I was not the fastest among the Canadians.


“We tested in training with my equipment to gain a few hundredths of a second and that was a lot to manage mentally, to continue St-Germain, who still wants to climb into the Top 5 this year. The choice is now made and I must develop confidence. ”

Important Races

In This Olympic Year, Every Race Is Important In Terms Of Qualifying For Beijing.

“I was more stressed about not achieving my goals than by the Olympic criteria which are lower than my goals,” she explained. The Games are still a long way off and I only have one more Top 20 to confirm my place. Since the start of the season, I have been focusing too much on the result on paper instead of the process. My skiing was not at its best. For Lienz, which is my favorite track on the circuit, I knew I could be fast. I want to build on it.

World Cup season

The Canadians had a great day with three skiers in the Top 20. Erin Mielzynski and Ali Nullmeyer finished 13th and 19th, respectively.

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