Tom Brady leads Tampa Bay To The Title, his seventh personal coronation

Bad news for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opponents. At 43 and despite an overflowing trophy cabinet, Tom Brady does not intend to stop there. The legendary quarterback led the Florida franchise to its second title in its history, its seventh personal, by largely beating the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, February 7, by the final score of 31 to 9, in a Super Bowl which sorely lacked suspense.

Super Bowl 2021: relive the crushing victory of Tampa Bay and the seventh coronation of Tom Brady
“We will still be here next year,” said the man who had previously lifted the championship trophy six times with the New England Patriots. On his own, Brady has won more titles than any NFL franchise.

I don't want to compare this victory with the others, every title is wonderful,” added the hero of the evening, surrounded by his three children when he had just been named MVP of the final (for most valuable player , the best player) for the fifth time in his career.I'm so proud of the guys, we trusted us, we knew we would win tonight, right? “ , He harangued while playing his very first season under the colors of Tampa Bay.

In a stadium filled with some 25,000 spectators authorized to attend the event – despite the Covid-19 pandemic raging in the United States – they literally extinguished the Chiefs' offensive power. The Florida defense, sharp, has perpetually torn the curtain of players supposed to protect Patrick Mahomes, the opponent's playing master, and constantly harassed him to such an extent that the Chiefs end the meeting without having scored a single .

Conversely, the Buccanneers' attack was effective with four touchdowns, including three from Tom Brady who was playing his tenth Super Bowl in twenty seasons. His arm, which never trembled, found Rob Gronkowski twice in the first and second quarters. And the Patriots fans, who did not qualify for the play-offs this season, to see, certainly depressed in front of their television, that the connection still worked wonderfully between the quarterback and the receiver who had already won three trophies in common under their colors.

The future, however, still lies with this talented 25-year-old, who was 7 when Brady landed his first Super Bowl. But this first setback in a final, he concedes it flatly against the greatest player of all time. And who is not yet ready to hand over the torch.

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