Fido increases the price of its 10GB data, talk, and text plan twice in two weeks

Fido also brought its 8GB plan back

Fido has increased the cost of its 10GB plan once again, this time by $3 a month.

The 10GB data, talk, and text plan previously cost new users $57 a month. It now costs $60 a month.

This is the second time in roughly two weeks Fido raised the cost of this plan.

On April 27th, the 10GB plan cost $56 a month, according to reporting from MobileSyrup. The price jumped to $57 a month on May 4th.

The $60 price tag was introduced on May 11th. This means Fido increased the cost of this plan by $4 in the past two weeks.

The Rogers flanker brand has also brought back its 8GB data, talk, and text plan. MobileSyrup reported the plan’s removal on April 27th, the same day Fido brought back its 10GB plan at $56 a month. The 8GB plan costs $55 a month before it was removed.

While the 8GB plan is now back and still costs $55/month it’s worth noting the cost of this plan has significantly increased in the past four months.

On January 19th, MobileSyrup reported the plan cost $52 a month. Today, the price is up by $3, meaning Fido tacked the plan with a 75-cent upcharge every month since January.

All of Fido’s current plans can be viewed here.

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