WhatsApp: Do You Regret What You Just Wrote?

If you tend to get carried away a bit fast on WhatsApp , this new feature

If you tend to get carried away a bit fast on WhatsApp, this new feature should interest you. Instant messaging belonging to Facebook will indeed allow its users to automatically delete messages from a conversation after a certain time. She announced it on her blog on Monday. Very practical self-destruction to avoid cumbersome files.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Disappearing Messages With Multiple Durations To Everyone

Under Deployment
Ephemeral messages already exist on the app. But, from now on, you will be able to create conversations by selecting beforehand the deletion of the messages by default “after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days”, specifies Warning: if you activate this option, it will be applied automatically to all your new conversations. An alert at the top of the screen will remind you that automatic message deletion is active. The feature is being rolled out. It can be activated by going to the Privacy Settings of the application.

This feature will save you from WhatsApp statuses that you post by mistake

Are you one of those who publish a WhatsApp status and then regret it? It often happens that we make mistakes in the photographs that we upload as WhatsApp statuses, we regret the hints that we write or create a status by mistake.

WhatsApp Regret

If that is your case, soon you will be able to count on a little help to undo this mess and prevent your contacts from seeing your WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp Will Allow You To Undo The States Within Seconds Of Publishing Them

As mentioned in WaBetaInfo, the beta of the WhatsApp app for iOS reveals a new option that allows you to undo the States after the first seconds of publication. Yes, a new feature to “undo status updates”.

So if you regret the WhatsApp Status you have posted, you can remove it before someone sees it. And the dynamics are very simple. Once you publish your status, WhatsApp will show you the “Undo” option at the bottom of the app along with the message “Status sent”. So if you realize you’ve made a mistake, you’ll have a few seconds to reverse it.


Although the status will be deleted, the photos or videos that have been used will not be deleted from the mobile. So they will continue to be in the gallery of your device. While it is a minor update, it could save you from various headaches and awkward situations.

At the moment, this new option for WhatsApp Status is only available in the beta of the iPhone app, so you won’t find it in the stable version you have on your mobile. It remains to be seen if WhatsApp will implement this option in one of the future updates to all users.

At the moment, we can only add this option to the list of functions that we expect to see in WhatsApp in 2022.

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