Men’s Fashion Week: Deconstructing Milan and Paris Street Style

It’s not a stretch to say that men’s wear has long been seen by many as simpler and less creative than women’s wear. But as more men have found ways to personalize even the most traditional staples, they have shown that there are far wider possibilities than once thought.

This style evolution was on full display outside the recent men’s wear shows in Milan and Paris, where neck scarves were a potent accessory and the few who had traditional neckties wore them atypically, including with collarless shirts.

Others on the street revived a fad popularized in the early 1990s by the hip-hop duo Kriss Kross: wearing blazers and shirts in reverse, so the buttons and lapels were on the back. What I found most exciting, though, were the various tops with graphics referring to popular culture, including a fisherman’s sweater with the face of Kurt Cobain and a sleeveless tunic featuring the album cover of “Substance” by New Order.

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