Quiz: Kentucky Derby Hat Coronation Hat?

Thousands of guests converged for the coronation of King Charles III in London today, with millions more watching from around the world. Royal events always provide opportunities for tradition-laden fashion. Few are more fun to gawk at than the upper-crust British tradition of wearing hats known as fascinators — whimsical sculptures in pastel colors, some with bows and feathers, others with wide netting over the face.

Here in America, the Kentucky Derby is known for its attendees wearing their own flamboyant head gear. Fans watched Mage win the 149th Derby, followed by Two Phil’s and Angel of Empire, rounding out the top three. Not known for subtlety, Derby hats this year offered a range of colors and fabrics, from elegant to loud, floral to plumed and everything in between. Take our quiz to see if you can tell which side of the pond each of these hats came from.

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