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Do you really need a long rug in your hallway? Not necessarily. Bare floors are fine for getting from A to B.

But a runner can make the journey more comfortable — and more stylish.

“It’s softer underfoot, it helps with noise, and it can be that finishing touch,” said Elizabeth Lawrence, a partner at Bunny Williams Interior Design, in New York. “They’re one of my favorite things.”

Finding the right one, though, can be challenging.

“It’s usually the last thing people think about,” Ms. Lawrence said. “So it’s about finding something that works with everything else that’s already been decided, and a specific size.”

Depending on how you look at it, that can be frustrating or fun.

But when you eventually find the ideal runner for a hallway, staircase or narrow strip of kitchen, bedroom or living room, the reward is the same: “It’s the needle in the haystack,” Ms. Lawrence said. “And when you find it, it’s really exciting.”

Boujad wool runner

$403 at Benisouk: 866-392-1319 or benisouk.com

Braided English wool rug or runner made of sewn-together shapes

From $750 at Grain: 206-855-7811 or graindesign.com

Wool-and-cotton runner based on artwork by Ethan Cook

$295 at Hay: 833-849-3025 or us.hay.com

Striped New Zealand wool runner or area rug

From $225 at Nordic Knots: nordicknots.com

Graphic runner available in various sizes

From $59 at Rejuvenation: 888-401-1900 or rejuvenation.com

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