Street Style From Milan Fashion Week


TikTok, K-pop and fashion student stars light up the city.

Milan Fashion Week is where everything wakes up. There’s something in the culture of Italy that brings about an excitement that feels genuine. Fashion students, in particular, flock to the shows armed with camera phones in hand, waiting for the opportunity to snap a photo with some of the biggest TikTok and K-pop stars. At times the scene can be big and noisy, with slightly more incoherence than say, Paris. And the fashion itself is usually a sharp turn from London and a segue to Paris, and this season was no different. There was a lot of color blocking on display — primary red, yellow, green and blue — and of course, black. The true standout look, though, was the oversize blazer, which evolved from a stand-alone piece to the foundation around which full looks were built.

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