Tiny Love Stories: ‘My Mother Fell for Her Too’

Pregnant with number four, I moved from a trailer to an old schoolhouse near Troy, N.Y. I gave birth, and winter turned to spring. A knock on my door. There was Gloria: 10 years my senior with her baby in a backpack. “Want to come out and play?” she asked. “Oh,” I thought, “This is the woman at church with the fur coat and Boston accent!” I never thought she’d want to be friends. My house a mess, I lifted my baby to my back, and off we went. For 41 years, Gloria has been the most glorious friend. — Gretchen Lane

My mother begged me not to tell Gram that I was gay. She feared that the news would kill my 92-year-old devoutly Catholic grandmother. But I was in love with Anna and the light she brought to my life. After meeting Anna, my mother fell for her, too. My mother told Gram about Anna, who is now my fiancée. At a recent hospital visit, Gram held Anna’s hand in the hallway and proudly introduced her to the nurses as her future “granddaughter-in-law.” I cried tears of joy, thankful for all the time we didn’t miss. — Kate Freeman

It was my first year of high school. I had just emigrated from Yemen to the United States. The teacher called me to the front of the class and asked me to introduce myself. I didn’t speak English very well, and I was so nervous that the words didn’t come out. I heard a student whispering and my cheeks got hot. I thought he was laughing at me. But after I sat down, he came over and said, “Listen man, I’ll sit next to you every class and help you.” Now after four years, he’s my best friend.— Mohammed Mahdi

The waves at Seneca Lake were so big as they hit the shore that it felt like we were at the ocean. I watched other couples at the park, studying their easy displays of affection, and wishing I could be in love. “Come on, Gramma, come out deeper — up to your boobs!” Kailey said. My 11-year-old granddaughter, already waist-deep in the water, reminded me that I was in love. I was with my little love on a sunny day at the lake. — Nancy Nosewicz

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