Destiny 2 Public Service Announcement: You No Longer Need To Worry About That Difficult Champion Quest Requirement

Destiny 2's weekly Season of Plunder story mission will no longer demand players to complete a challenging and time-consuming task. The aim to “beat 50 Champions” will be completed automatically, allowing players to progress the quest much more simply.

The statement was made via Twitter by Bungie, who stated that the 50 Champion target was too onerous for certain players. According to player feedback, this was indeed the case, as Champions appear predominantly in high-level content and in relatively small numbers. Even Lost Sectors or Nightfall Strikes of Legendary difficulty only include a small amount of Champions, requiring a huge number of runs to fulfil the criterion. Additionally, champions are more difficult to kill than regular foes and typically require specific seasonal weapon upgrades to destroy, raising a skill demand.

Not only was the objective frustrating to a great number of gamers, particularly Destiny 2's more casual followers, but the change is also a very significant one. This week's story quest unlocked a major plot twist for Season of Plunder, revealing new information about the season's primary characters, Mithrax and Eido, and progressing the game's overarching plot toward the release of the Lightfall expansion in February.

The 50 Champion threshold appeared to have been set by Bungie with high-level seasonal content in mind. Rapidly, players realised that Champions killed during the Expeditions seasonal event counted for three kills each, rather than simply one. The issue is that Champions are few in Expeditions; you may encounter three Champions on a good run, but only one or none on a terrible one.

The most efficient way to fulfil the criteria was in the Master difficulty version of the Ketchcrash seasonal event, which was filled with Champion foes and counted each Champion as eight towards the need. It was possible to complete the 50 Champion requirement in a single Master Ketchcrash activity, however casual players had difficulty due to the difficulty of Master Ketchcrash. It has a very high Power level of 1,600 and does not enable team matchmaking, so players must form their own group of five to participate.

With the prerequisite lifted, gamers can progress through Destiny 2's current story considerably more easily. The pirate-themed Season of Plunder has been somewhat less frightening and tumultuous than the eerie and turbulent Season of the Haunted, but as this week illustrates, it still contains some weighty themes and high stakes.

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