In a new trailer, the new Genshin Impact character Cyno channels his inner Batman.

In English, Cyno sounds like Batman, whereas in Japanese, it sounds like Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Today, HoYoverse, the developer of Genshin Impact, published a new clip featuring one of the new characters included in version 3.1.

Cyno, also known as General Mahamatra, is the new hero. He is a Sumeru Akademiya member entrusted with hunting down its adversaries.

He will debut with the new version on September 28, and his English voice is provided by Alejandro Saab, who does an excellent Batman impression.

Miyu Irino is the voice of Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series, therefore his Japanese voice is unquestionably unique, yet he may sound familiar.

You can view the trailer on this page.

There is a legend circulating among Akademiya researchers: Once, a researcher who ran afoul of the Akademiya escaped into the desert and sank into a deep sand pit because he was unaccustomed to the hard environment.

He begged for a heroic saviour to save him from his position while parched and fatigued. So, General Mahamatra, who had been following him, granted his request. What a beautiful story! Both sides received what they wanted.

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