The anti-cheat tech in PUBG Mobile cuts cheaters’ x-ray vision in half.

PUBG Mobile: the wildly popular tiny version of the original battle royale game, has implemented a new anti-cheating technology that, according to the developers of the mobile shooter, has cut the number of cheaters playing the game in half.

The new technology, which has been given the name Fog of War and is said to be “the first of its sort in mobile gaming” by the company that developed it, Krafton, functions by restricting the “game information a player receives” whenever they use x-ray vision or wall hacking.

It has only been implemented in a “limited capacity” up until now, but Krafton claims that lobbies that used the anti-cheat system saw a decrease in x-ray vision cheats of “over 50 percent” and up to 62 percent “in key regions.” This is despite the fact that it has only been implemented in a “limited capacity” up until now.

According to a statement released by Krafton, “Fog of War is the first of its type in mobile gaming. It is an advanced anti-cheat technology that limits the game information a player receives, restricting their ability to see players outside of their field of view or through walls and objects.”

“To begin, PUBG Mobile's massive landscapes are analysed by the Fog of War system, which takes into account all of the structures and terrain. After that, the system makes a calculated and informed guess as to what the player ought to be able to view by referring to its own internal processes. In the end, the player will only receive that particular information that has been provided back to them from the server. Cheaters using x-ray vision will no longer be successful since non-visible information will not be sent.”

From this point forward, Krafton has stated that it will progressively implement the system across all of the different PUBG Mobile modes.

“Cheating is entirely unacceptable in PUBG Mobile, and this is yet another step towards stopping players from utilising deceitful and unfair technology,” the firm said. “This is yet another step toward stopping players from using deceitful and unfair technology.”

“There is nothing more important to PUBG Mobile than making sure players enjoy an experience that is safe, fun, and fair,” the company said.

As about the more mature version of the PUBG franchise, PUBG: Battlegrounds? PUBG: Battlegrounds, the official name for the game that some of us used to know as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has amassed over 80,000 new daily players since it became free to play. Some of us used to know it by its previous name, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (opens in new tab). In January, Krafton made the decision to switch the battle royale shooter to a free-to-play model. Since then, the company believes that this decision has helped the game attract more players. Additionally, Krafton has implemented “stricter anti-cheat programmes” in an effort “to ensure a fairer playing field for all.”

The most recent update for PUBG: Battlegrounds (opens in new tab) includes a new vehicle, weather system, all-new animations, and a crossover collaboration with British supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive. However, Krafton has already confirmed that the “skins do not affect the performance of the vehicle[s], and its original specs remain changed,” which means that players will not be able to race to a chicken dinner using a souped-up sports car. Sorry.

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