Whiterun’s Unemployment Problem Is Far Worse Than the United States and the United Kingdom Combined.

Whiterun, a city in Skyrim, may be in the midst of an economic crisis as its citizens confront unemployment rates surpassing 10 percent. In comparison, the US unemployment rate in August was 3.7 percent and the UK unemployment rate from May to July was 3.6 percent.

Any Austin (via PCGamesN) meticulously questioned every resident of Whiterun to ascertain their employment status. Many named NPCs, such as Adrianne Avenicci and Ulfberth War-Bear, had occupations, while others, such as Amren, were unemployed. The survey did not include children because child labour is illegal in the United States, despite the fact that Skyrim's pre-industrial culture clearly does not. Mila reveals that she works in Whiterun's merchant district alongside her mother, Carlotta Valentia.

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In addition to survey footage, Any Austin prepared a comprehensive “Employment Situation Summary” that resembles a Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the total number of surface payroll employees is 77, and the unemployment rate is 9.4 percent (who as far as we know does not actually work for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

“Participation in the labour force is stable and virtually unchanged from the previous several months of reporting, despite the growing uneasiness caused by the unclear situation in the eastern holdings. The Companions continue to be the city's greatest private employer, housing and providing for ten people on their own. Mercenary work and military service remain the city's primary sources of income.”

With 27 guards, the state (in this case, Whiterun itself) is the greatest employment in the city. In addition, there are attendants, servants, counsellors, and Jarl Balgruuf.

Although a 10-percent unemployment rate is alarmingly high for a developed nation, Austin's report did not sound alarmed. “While a high concentration of non-working individuals can signal an impending instability event, the Bureau believes that a number in this range (5-10%) coupled with a reasonable unemployment rate is indicative of a healthy and prosperous economy that allows some of its citizens to pursue non-essential trades and activities.”

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