Why does Mohg, the Lord of Blood, show up twice in the Elden Ring video?

A new video asks FromSoftware why they put Mohg, Lord of Blood, the secret boss, in two different Elden Ring locations. Mohg is an important part of Elden Ring's story and one of the hardest bosses to beat. But while his fight in Moghwyn Palace may be very memorable, Mohg can also be found deep below Leyndell in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds guarding another secret location. Why this is likely has nothing to do with lore and can only be explained by how From Software made Elden Ring.


The story behind why Mohg shows up twice in Elden Ring is very simple. After all, it doesn't happen very often. In the video from Zullie the Witch, Mohg's brother Morgott is shown to be the best example of this. Morgott can project himself into different places in the world, even though he never leaves the Erdtree's base. Zullie points out that when Mohg fights in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, a song called “Omen Illusion” plays. This shows that the real Mohg is the one in Moghwyn Palace.

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But Zullie says that, even though From Software may have worked to make Mohg's two appearances make sense in the game's world, there's probably a deeper reason. Zullie thinks that the model of Mohg might not have been a named character. In Elden Ring's files, the model is called “GreaterDemon,” which suggests that it may have been similar to a normal Omen opponent at one point. Zullie has even found that this GreaterDemon model is in the loadlist for places like Murkwater Catacombs and Raya Lucaria, even though he is no longer there.

The story of Miquella, one of Elden Ring's demigods, is another sign that FromSoftware is changing its plans for Mohg. Elden Ring players know that Miquella was taken from Mohg because the Lord of Blood was trying to make Miquella a god and make Mohg his partner. But there are signs that Miquella was supposed to be kept inside the Haligtree and help his sister Malenia fight when she was younger. There's even proof that Miquella was supposed to be voiced from the start, which means that Mohg's story with Miquella was added later.

Long story short, Mohg may have been just another Omen enemy that could be found in different parts of the world. After that, it's not clear why FromSoftware made changes, but Mohg became a named boss and an important part of Miquella's story as a result. He was left in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, though, either because FromSoftware forgot about him or because they thought he was the best option.

This part of Elden Ring is so interesting because it's easy to picture the game without Mohg as a boss. Aside from Miquella's fate, he doesn't show up much in the history and story of Elden Ring. If Mohg wasn't a boss, though, it's easy to think that the Haligtree would have eaten Miquella instead. That may have been the plan from the beginning, since Miquella's body could be seen in the tree. With Mohg's part in Elden Ring, the game went in a much darker, bad direction. Still, that's a great fit for FromSoftware.

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