YouTube Video Explores the Mysteries Surrounding Pokemon Z

A YouTube video explores the reported existence of Pokemon Y, a Nintendo 3DS sequel to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Did You Know Gaming has released a brand new video. Pokemon Z was supposed to be the follow-up game to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, but it was never made. A YouTube channel provides some insight into what happened with Pokemon Z. The Pokemon franchise had, up until this time, established a pattern of releasing a third game after the release of each pair of games in the main series. However, Game Freak moved on to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire before moving on to Pokemon Sun and Moon. This was done in place of Pokemon Z. The reasoning behind it is something that is going to surprise a lot of Pokemon aficionados.


According to the company's official statement, Game Freak never intended to create Pokemon Z. Junichi Masuda, the producer of Pokemon X and Y, has even been quoted as saying that this is genuine and that Game Freak enjoys surprising their customers. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were created by Game Freak in place of Pokemon Z so that the company could commemorate Pokemon's 10th anniversary in 2016. However, the official explanation does not address many of the points that have been raised, such as why the development of Pokemon Sun and Moon took far more time than usual.

A Pokemon fan has pointed out an interesting detail about some of the NPCs in Pokemon X and Y.

The film titled “Did You Know Gaming?” investigates these questions in depth and searches for answers where there is evidence to be found. For example, it begins by mentioning that dataminers in 2014 discovered evidence that Game Freak was working on two games, referred to as “28” and “29.” This suggests that the games will be released simultaneously, similar to how Black 2 and White 2 were. Later datamining revealed that Game Freak would skip 28 and 29, naming them “CALOS RESERVE,” and allocating numbers 30 and 31 to Pokemon Sun and Moon respectively. It is important to note that there were also placeholders labelled “ALOLA RESERVE” for both 32 and 33, which later evolved into Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

DidYouKnowGamingtop ?'s argument, which they say explains Game Freak's choice not to make a pair of Pokemon Z games, is that the decision was made due to a lack of available development resources. It indicates that Game Freak was devoting a significant amount of money to their “Gear Project” about the same time that Pokemon Z was scheduled to be released in 2015. At the time, Game Freak's primary focus was on developing the Gear video game series, which represented the company's attempt to launch a new franchise. Games like HarmoKnight and Tembo the Badass Elephant were developed, but since then, Game Freak has refocused its efforts on developing the Pokemon franchise.

DidYouKnowGaming? has come to the conclusion that there is no evidence to support the claim that Game Freak has actually begun full work on the Pokemon Z games. Datamining has produced proof that it was planned, as was mentioned earlier. There is now an anime season for Pokemon XYZ that began airing in 2015, and there is even a Zygarde adventure that can be found in Pokemon Sun and Moon that would have been an excellent addition to a Pokemon Z. However, prior to the production of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Game Freak must have made the decision not to build Pokemon Z. This decision may have been made for Gear, or it could have been made to prioritise Pokemon Sun and Moon.

It's possible that Game Freak and Pokemon enthusiasts' most pressing concern will turn out to be Pokemon Z. There was no shortage of justifications for Game Freak to revisit Kalos, but the company was focused on other things at the moment. Although this does not preclude the possibility of Game Freak returning to the setting in the future with a new game, the company did not do so with the 3DS version in 2015.


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