Bob Dole, Former Senator And Figure In American Politics, Is Dead!

When He Died At The Age Of 98, He Had Served The United States faithfully for seventy-nine years.

The United States is losing one of its political figures. Former Senator Bob Dole died Sunday morning December 5, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation announced. “When he died at the age of 98, he had served the United States faithfully for seventy-nine years,” the Foundation said, adding that he had passed away “in his sleep” . Bob Dole announced in 2018 that he was suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. Shortly after the announcement of his death, President Joe Biden praised an “American statesman like there are few” , “a war hero” , but also “a friend” with “a sense of meaning.” honor and infallible integrity . He ordered all federal flags at half mast until Thursday.

“America has lost one of its heroes, our family has lost its rock,” the Dole family said in a statement.

Thirty-Six Years In the Capitol

Born July 22, 1923, Robert Joseph Dole grew up in Russell, a small town in Kansas. Returning a medalist but seriously injured from the Second World War, he learned to walk again and regained control of his body, with the exception of his right arm. He dedicated the last years of his life to the cause of veterans.

He entered Congress in 1961, first as a representative, then as a senator from Kansas, beginning a 36-year parliamentary career. “He has obtained both conservative victories and great breakthroughs bringing together the two parties,” Mitch McConnell said on Sunday, calling him “a constant leader and master in legislative matters.

Elizabeth Dole

He was married to Elizabeth Dole, who herself had a distinguished political career as Secretary of Transportation, Secretary of Labor, and Senator from North Carolina.

Three-time candidate for the Republican Party nomination for the White House, Bob Dole will be dismissed by Ronald Reagan in 1980, then by George Bush Sr. in 1988, before winning in 1996. Outgoing President Bill Clinton s' will however easily impose against this 73-year-old man, who seemed outdated in the era of television politics. Faced with young Clinton, representing baby boomers fed on pop music and pacifism, Bob Dole embodied the precepts of rural America before the 1960s: family, religion, patriotism, integrity, modesty, work and respect for the word given.

The Political World Celebrates His Memory

The political world has extensively celebrated the memory of a “patriot” who, according to former President Donald Trump, “made the Republican Party stronger” . “Senator Bob Dole was a great man who lived an extraordinary life in the service of America and he will be deeply missed by all those who had the privilege to know him” , also reacted the former vice-president Mike Pence. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompano, for his part, greeted a man “believed in the uniqueness of America with all his heart”. “Whatever their political opinions, anyone who saw Bob Dole in action inevitably admired his character and his deep patriotism”, reacted the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell.

On the other side of the political spectrum, former Democratic President Barack Obama spoke on Twitter of “a war hero, a political leader, and a statesman” whose generation placed “the country above the party” . Leftist Senator Bernie Sanders praised a man who “served his country with courage on the battlefield, and with dignity in the Senate . ” The Democratic President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, ordered the half misting of the flags of the Capitol in honor of this “man of his word” who “personified courage and excellence in the public service.

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