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“He’s dead”: Horrifying moment a student was fatally beaten

A boy in the seventh grade was brutally attacked by two other pupils and beaten in the bathroom of his school, and the gruesome incident was caught on camera.

A larger pupil has the younger guy, who just started attending Golden Grove High School in Adelaide this year, trapped in a corner.

It sounds like voices in the background are encouraging the child who is taller to “strike him” and “go again.”

They continue to make fun of him by saying things like, “Look at him dude, he's dead as,” etc.

It's called a f***ing punch, so give it one big whack, and don't be afraid to use it.

After this, the student who started it keeps striking and pushing the other student in the corner several times, at which point the youngster can be seen collapsing to the ground.

The student cries, “Just say sorry,” to which the student who is getting punched responds, “Sorry for what?

Throughout the course of the assault, the student is confronted with several requests to “express regret.”

According to reports, the event took place on Monday, and those responsible for the attack have been placed on administrative leave. The South Australian Police have stated that they are aware of “four occurrences” that have occurred at Golden Grove High School and that they are assisting the school's faculty and pupils in investigating these incidents.

A second video shows a teacher intervening in a fight between two male pupils, during which one of the students is thrown to the ground. The teacher is attempting to break up the fight.

One mother told InDaily that the employees at the school did not defend her daughter when she was being bullied for a period of six months.

An incident in which her kid was targeted by three other pupils who “pinned her up against a wall and bashed her skull into the wall” caused her to be very concerned. Despite this, her daughter was suspended along with her other victims of bullying.

“She was laying on the floor when the teachers came over, and as a result, she received a suspension for falling on the floor. “The three girls and my daughter were placed on indefinite suspension,” the mother, who wished to remain nameless, claimed.

Despite the fact that the state's Education Department had banned the use of phones on school property, three of these fights were still filmed and took place on school premises.

According to a statement made by a representative for SAPOL, “no one has been charged with any offence at this time and police continue to investigate the instances.”

Premier of South Australia Peter Malinauskas also made an announcement, stating that there was “obviously” a “need for action” in order to prevent the “deplorable violence” that was occurring at the school.

A previous principal will be hired to “offer independent advise to the department,” and security guards will also be hired to begin patrolling the school grounds beginning the next week. Both of these hires are scheduled to take place soon. In addition, a liaison officer will be made accessible to parents and families, and students will also have access to a behaviour coach who specialises in their particular needs.

“Images of violence on school grounds horrifies any parent, myself included,” he said. “It doesn't matter how old your child is; it's unacceptable.”

“Parents and students have the right to expect that schools are not simply a safe environment, but also a nourishing one. That is why, as Premier, I have made it plain that I expect real effort to provide improvement for staff, students, and parents.”

This is the third significant scandal to erupt at the Adelaide school so far in the current academic year. The principal, Peter Kuss, made the statement in May that the toilet entry doors would be removed from the toilets. This decision was made in response to concerns voiced by parents regarding their children's right to privacy.

A second instance of bullying shook the school once again in June, a month after the initial event. A video was uploaded to TikTok showing students being judged based on their attractiveness. According to The Adelaide Advertiser, the videos used the school's emblem and referred to pupils as the “biggest sl**s,” “biggest flops,” and “want tobees.”

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