Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews: Really Work For You?, Shocking Results For Customers!

Neuro-Balance Therapy stimulates the peroneal nerve in your legs, which makes your foot muscles work better and get stronger.

Neuro-Balance Therapy how to do this practice improves balance. The goal of the series is to help people get ready for and protect themselves from the harmful effects of tripping and/or falling.

Do your feet ever feel tingly or go numb? Do you find that this makes you nervous, especially when you have to go up or down a level using the stairs? Injury Facts [1] has shocked us by showing that more than 43,000 people have died at home or work because they fell in 2020 alone. Hundreds of thousands of people who were hurt badly had to fill out forms asking for many days off of work. Even though a house can be made safer against falls, many people think that this is not enough. Chris Wilson, a strength coach, thinks that a condition called “foot drop” may be the cause of some slips and falls, especially ones that happen in the home. There is only one way to change this, and that is to do a few simple things. Which ones, in particular, does he have in mind? At this point, it would be a good time to start Neuro-Balance Therapy.

What is Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program is a balance-strengthening exercise that aims to improve the body's strength, balance, and stability so that you don't have accidents like falling or tripping over your own feet. It brings back the body's natural ability to move and makes each stride stronger, steadier, and more balanced.

It includes a simple exercise that you should do every morning for 10 to 15 minutes to stimulate the deep peroneal nerve in your foot. The author says that this nerve is in charge of all of the things that the muscles in the lower body do.

As part of the Neuro-Balance Therapy program, which includes mild, soft, and light stretches, you can do these stretches in the comfort of your own home. You don't need expensive equipment to do these moves. All you need is a sturdy chair and a nerve-waking spike ball, both of which can be sent right to your door.

Chris Wilson, who made this program, divided it into three stages: beginners, intermediates, and advanced. This way, people can move up at their own pace and according to their current fitness level. If you want the best results, you have to do these workouts every day.

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Neuro-Balance Therapy

The Way Neuro Balance Therapy Works

Neuro-Balance Therapy makes your feet stronger by improving the way your foot muscles work. It does this by stimulating the peroneal nerve in your legs. The main focus of these exercises is on the nerves in the feet. This helps improve balance and stability by creating a strong connection between the mind and the body.

By doing these movements with a spike ball for ten seconds first thing in the morning, you can wake up the nerves in your feet that have been sleeping. Most of the time, it takes between 15 and 29 days to see the effects of these therapeutic activities and rituals. Still, the details of each case may be different.

You can do these exercises anywhere you have access to a TV, a video game console, or your cell phone. When you have been doing this program for a while, the muscles in your feet will be strong enough for you to go outside and do things like running for fun.

The moves and stretches done in this therapy are simple enough that anyone can do them at home. The best part is that you won't have to pay a lot of money for a gym membership or a personal trainer to get in shape.

People will be able to move more easily if they do these stretches before they walk or jog. These exercises will make you more steady, they will make your feet stronger, and they will take away your fear of slipping and falling. When you lie down, sit, or stand, your muscles get stronger and more flexible. This helps you stand up straighter.

The man behind Neuro Balance Therapy Program

Chris Wilson, who was born and raised in the United States and is trained as a balance specialist, is the person who made the Neuro Balance Therapy program. As he does his job and helps people in need, he might find out the secrets of how the human body stays in balance. This could lead to the creation of a simple 10-second ritual that anyone can do.

He says that if he does this as part of his regular practice, it will help him get his body back in balance and make it easier for him to move.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Targets a Single Nerve in Your Feet to Restore Balance

Chris Wilson made the Neuro-Balance Therapy program after he looked at the feet of Kenyan tribespeople and talked to the professor who did the first research. He then based the program on what the research showed.

Chris's research on the subject led him to realize how important the deep peroneal nerve is. This is how nerve impulses are sent:

The deep peroneal nerve sends signals to all of the small muscles in your foot, ankle, and lower leg that catch you if you fall. It also helps you stay upright and stable every time you take a step. When the Neuro-Balance Therapy team looked at the people of Kenya's tribes, they found that the nerve in their feet was always on. Most people's deep peroneal nerve starts to get worse shortly after they turn 60. This makes it more likely that they will trip, fall, or go to the hospital.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program is meant to keep you standing straight and stop you from falling over. It does this by using a 10-second routine to stimulate the deep peroneal nerve and keep you from falling over.

What is included in Neuro Balance Therapy Digital Program?

The Neuro Balance Therapy video program claims to make big changes in the body by helping the body keep its balance. Check out the different parts of the app that the user might find useful if they decide to use it.

  • A collection of videos for neuro-balance therapy

Through the videos that make up the core of the Neuro Balance Therapy program, which is a collection of videos, the user will learn about neurological balance and the everyday things that anyone can do to improve it.

Each of these movies is about a different set of movements that are meant to stimulate the deep peroneal nerve in the foot and ankle. The user will be able to quickly watch these videos and also download them. These videos can also be watched on personal computers and several other smart devices.

  • Neurobalance therapy is shown on a DVD

The entire Neuro Balance Therapy video program can also be found on a single DVD, which the user can buy for an extra fee. There is also this choice.

  • A ball with spikes that get the nerves going.

Because the Neuro Balance Therapy DVD program focuses on a nerve-waking-up technology, the user can also buy this unique spike ball to get the most out of the Neuro Balance Therapy. This ball has a set number of spikes that are meant to gently relieve stress while also stimulating the deep peroneal nerve in the person using it. The process of crystallization that happened in this ball makes it last longer and calms your nerves.

Benefits of Neuro Balance Therapy DVD Program

There is a list of things that the Neuro Balance Therapy Ebook can do for you. But to get them one by one, you have to follow the Neuro Balance Therapy program the way it tells you to. Take a look at the good things that this Neuro Balance Therapy DVD program can do for the user.

  • Restored body balance: The Neuro Balance Therapy DVD program's main goal is to activate the deep personal nerve and get the brain and nerves to work together again.
  • No more feeling dizzy, falling or tripping. Once the user's neurological balance is back to normal, they no longer have to worry about tripping and falling.
  • Better nerve function: If you do the physical moves and methods in the program the right way, it can help your nerves work better.
  • Better sleep: Following the Neuro Balance Therapy treatment plan can also make a person feel more relaxed, which can help them sleep better every night.
  • Ease of movement: Once the stress and tension in the muscles and nerves are gone, the user will no longer feel stiff and will be able to move around with ease.

Neuro-Balance Therapy


  • Detailed information on how to fix the peroneal nerve
  • Gives simple steps and methods for repairing and stabilizing the relationship between the body and the mind.
  • A simple 10-second workout that uses a wide range of techniques to help muscles grow and nerves heal.
  • You don't need any specialized tools.
  • It can be done at work or home, and it's easy to finish.
  • It is safe because it is taught by a licensed expert.
  • The cost of the whole video curriculum is a lot less than hiring a professional, and it works better for less money. But you will get the same benefits and results from getting the right medical care.


  • Only available through Neuro-Balance Therapy's website.
  • Cannot be reached through any other means
  • Only used in a digital way
  • You must follow the steps consistently to get good results.

Are There Any Bonuses Involved with Neuro Balance Therapy?

The Neuro Balance Therapy Guide is a great product that comes with a bunch of extras. Here is a short list of what you get when you buy this amazing program guide: –

BONUS NO. 1: Top 20 Tips to Make Your Home Safer from Falls:

Even though this manual costs $97 on its own, the application comes with a free copy of it. Installing measures to keep people from falling is important if you want to avoid problems that could get worse. Because of this, you won't have to worry about trips or falls that could be dangerous or even kill you. By using some nontraditional methods, you can make your house safer and more secure.

BONUS #2. – The Downloadable Version of Neuro Balance Therapy Program:

When you order this app for yourself, you should be able to access it right away. This has to be done. But because the time it takes to ship a package can be different. You will now be able to get a copy of this program that you can download right away. This way, you can quickly get the instructional videos, manuals, exercise descriptions, and other materials on your mobile device.

Why is Neuro Balance Therapy Effective?

Neurological conditions fall into two different groups. This includes conditions that mostly affect the brain and spinal cord, as well as those that mostly affect the peroneal nerve.

Neuro balancing therapy is a good way to treat nerve problems because it is natural and doesn't hurt. It has a digital version of video therapy that can be used right away to treat nerve damage in the foot.

Who Neuro-Balance Therapy Is Best For

Chris Wilson made Neuro-Balance Therapy for people who had trouble keeping their balance. Chris and his colleagues came up with these easy and light stretches after doing a lot of research on studies done at well-known educational institutions.

The most recent research shows that people of any age, both men and women, can have trouble keeping their balance. Neuro-Balance Therapy can help everyone, so it is safe to say that everyone can benefit from it.

People in their thirties are also more likely to have problems with their balance. This is because when you sit for a long time, you lose important minerals and nutrients that your muscles need to work properly.

A lot of people don't take these problems seriously until their peroneal nerve gives out and they can't stop falling. Because of this, physical therapists put a lot of emphasis on how important it is to stretch your body in a certain way to help your nervous system.

Neuro-Balance Therapy is made for everyone, but it helps people with busy lives the most. It only takes a few minutes when you wake up. A lot of people have tried this method of stretching and said they were happy with the results.

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Is the Neuro Balance Therapy DVD Program worth trying?

The effects of a neurological imbalance can be life-threatening because they can change a person's level of consciousness, cause poor coordination and paralysis, and even cause someone to slip or fall by accident. During neuro balance therapy, the deep peroneal nerve will be stimulated. This seems like a good way to get the neurophysiological balance back in order. This program was also made after a qualified body balance expert did a lot of scientific research, and clinical tests have shown that it works to bring about the changes that are wanted.

What Are Customers Saying About Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?

I asked people in a few Facebook Groups and Reddit Communities (subreddits) what they thought about the Neuro-Balance Therapy program. Five people were kind enough to give me their honest opinion about this program:

Lynn from New Mexico said, “I was walking down the stairs when I suddenly lost my balance and fell.” After a month of doing the exercises and watching these videos, I'm slowly getting my confidence back because I feel more stable when I do the things I used to do. The Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises are a matter of life and death, plain and simple.

Patsy from Canada told her story. “I bought this program because I had trouble keeping my balance,” she said. I was amazed at how carefully the exercises were planned so that everyone, even those in wheelchairs, could do them. At first, I took it easy and did everything it said and suggested. It's something you do every day, and it only takes ten minutes of your time. With these Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises, you can improve your flexibility, balance, and strength.

Margie from New York had this to say about the program: “This software works with you and teaches every activity step by step. The long-term effects of having an autoimmune disease made it hard for me to walk steadily, but doing these exercises with the spike ball helped me get back on track to walking normally. There are some great exercises here.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy program is very well thought out and planned. If you can't do the original workouts because of an injury or illness, it shows you a wide range of alternatives that you can use instead. You will also get a full guide on how to do different stretching exercises. The videos are a great way to learn how to do each exercise.

Where to Purchase the Neuro Balance Therapy?

Neuro Balance Therapy can only be bought on the website for company. The product is sold on a DVD that can be played on a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or a separate DVD player. The peroneal nerve is in the foot, and each video in the series will show you a series of movements that will help you activate it.

Because of this, it helps improve stability, movement, and responsiveness in the lower body. All of these things make it less likely that someone will fall. It has beginner, intermediate, and advanced sequences all in one package for your convenience. Any person, in any situation, can do any of these sequences.

Neuro-Balance Therapy buy

The Last Word

With the help of Neuro Balance Therapy, which is a program guide, your body's balance and stability can be fixed.

This program is really easy to use, and if you stick with it, you will get great results. It promises to get your body back to its natural balance, which may have been upset. People who have trouble keeping their balance mostly have dead nerves in their feet. This condition can also happen after someone has had a stroke or become paralyzed. These kinds of nerve problems are very common in older people. It could make you afraid of losing your balance and falling again for the rest of your life. Neuro Balance Therapy lets you walk, run, and jump while improving your sense of balance at the same time.


Please know that any advice or instructions given here are in no way meant to replace the good medical advice you can get from a registered healthcare provider. If you take medications or have concerns after reading the review details, you should talk to a qualified medical professional before making a purchase decision. Since the Food and Drug Administration hasn't looked into the claims made about these items, there is no guarantee that everyone will have the same results. Research that has been approved by the FDA hasn't shown that these products work yet. These products are not meant to find, treat, or cure diseases, nor are they meant to stop diseases from happening.


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