Thermador Groupe: quarterly sales up 12.3%

Cumulative growth at the end of the first half should be less than what Thermador is posting today.

Thermador Groupe achieved a turnover of 142.7 ME in the first quarter of 2022, up 12.3% over one year, in line with the last months of 2021. Thermador specifies that its consumer activities are stabilizing or declining while the professional trade, particularly that which addresses the building market, continues to grow at a sustained pace. At the same time, sales to industry and internationally got the year off to a good start.

Thermador still estimates that the direct impact of the war waged by Russia in Ukraine should not exceed 1 ME in sales in 2022. On the other hand, indirect effects could quickly be felt by customers located in the countries of Eastern Europe which traditionally trade with Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

“In all our markets, our suppliers and competitors are announcing significant price increases applicable at short notice. It is therefore now very likely that the average inflation passed on to our customers in 2022 will exceed that which we measured in 2021 ( for the record 4.3%),” the band explains.

“In France, the likely drop in consumer purchasing power is likely to penalize our consumer business after two euphoric years. Fortunately, demand in the coming months for our equipment dedicated to the energy renovation of buildings remains very high. China, the new wave of Covid19 contamination which is affecting several regions has so far only had the effect of delaying deliveries a little more from certain very localized suppliers. , our purchasing teams remain extremely mobilized”, continues Thermador.

The group also recalls that its turnover for the second quarter of 2021 had been very abnormally high since customers had made massive precautionary purchases to partially protect themselves from price increases. The cumulative progress at the end of the first half will therefore undoubtedly be lower than that which Thermador is showing today.

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