UnitedStates Joe Biden Adopted A New Dog And His Name Is Commander

Joe Biden presented his brand new puppy on Twitter on Monday.

A “newcomer to the Biden family”. Joe Biden presented his brand new puppy on Twitter on Monday. The American president decided to call this one “Commander”. He joins Major, the other dog of the presidential couple, hoping that he does not follow his example. The German Shepherd had been sent for training after biting two White House employees.

Joe Biden Adopted Dogs 1

It seems that Commander is also a German Shepherd as shown in the cliché published on the networks and under which one can read “Welcome to the White House, Commander”. In a video also posted on the official Twitter account of the US president we can see the dog walking towards the president who greets him with a “Hey, mate”.

A Puppy To Increase His Sympathy Capital?

The American president suffers from a very low confidence rating and faces as many political blockages as a resurgence of Covid-19. The arrival of this new companion will certainly trigger a strong curiosity in a country where pets are particularly loved and pampered.

Joe Biden Adopted Dog

Joe and Jill Biden had moved into the White House with two dogs, two German Shepherds. They announced last June on Twitter the death of the oldest, Champ, at 13. There was talk in the spring that a cat would join the presidential couple at the White House, but the project has not yet materialized.

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