A spoofing cyberattack can cause cameras to detect nonexistent objects.

Transmission of radio waves in a specific direction can interfere with what a camera picks up, and this technology has the ability to trick object-detection systems into perceiving things that aren't actually present.

This image was created by using radio waves to inject words and a picture of the skyline of Nagasaki, Japan, into a camera frame that would have otherwise been black if it had not been used to construct this image.

Sebastian Kohler et al.

Image-recognition systems are susceptible to being rendered inoperable by a hack that makes use of radio frequencies to deceive them. To this point, it has been demonstrated that it can interfere with a barcode scanner and change the frames that are caught by cameras. However, it is possible that it might also function on other kinds of digital detection systems and cause them to see things that aren't actually present.

Sensors in digital cameras are responsible for converting the light into…

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