Astronomers attribute a fireball in Earth’s sky to a space object that travelled to Earth.

Astronomers have utilised telescopic scans to find an image of a space rock that caused a fireball over the Pacific Ocean that was 0.4 kilotons in energy. This was done in an effort to understand more about asteroids that are close to Earth.

An archive photo of a minor asteroid that detonated over the Pacific Ocean in September 2020 has been uncovered by astronomers searching for the origins of the object. This discovery is the first of its type and was made by the astronomers when the object was still in space minutes before it exploded.

David Clark, who works at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, and his colleagues analysed satellite data of previous major fireballs. They did this in order to identify fireballs that were caused by space rocks and were large enough to be visible in photographs taken by telescopic surveys, which routinely monitor the…

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