The 42 Photos That Defined the Styles Desk in 2023

Styles are about people and how they live, dress, and get around in our changing world. Because of this, we are very interested in looking closely. There are a lot of pictures this year that show these obsessions, like the cropped picture of Gwyneth Paltrow's face or the homage for a dancer at a Brooklyn gas station. Each picture in this collection lets readers fully explore the people and places that caught our attention.

The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines let us into her California rose garden this year as she talked about her husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and his campaign for president in 2024. We got this picture of Pharrell Williams at the Louis Vuitton men's studio in Paris, just before the launch of his first collection. We were in the area when Century 21 reopened as a “never pay retail” center, and we were in Hollywood when a certain young man in his 70s made his TV debut. There were Beyoncé fans, A-listers in the front row, fashion high school students, and stars in our pictures. They showed what it was like to be on the cutting edge of culture in 2023.

The headless cat seemed to float above the crowd as Jared walked through the room. This was a clear example of how popular “jump the shark” was at this year's Met Gala. — Rachel Smeyne

“When I take pictures of someone who has been photographed a lot, I want the pictures to look and feel different.” We only had 10 minutes, but we were able to take pictures that feel natural and close. — D. Scruggs

“When I looked over a shelf, I saw a shopper.” We were both shocked and frozen. I took a picture of us before we laughed together. —Jonathan Rosenberg

“One thing I love about photography is that the magic of an unplanned moment can happen at any time, no matter how well you plan.” Before I could take a picture, I looked up and saw Alexandre throwing the Tiffany box in front of him. — Ryan Nordeman

“My assistant and I were using pieces of hot dog bun to get pigeons to land on a subway grate.” Pigeons are smart; they know that train grates aren't the best thing to walk on. But it's all worth it because Wonder Bread hot dog buns taste so good. — Powell, Adam

“Beckett was honest and open with me right away.” It was like going into a museum or a storage unit from the 1960s when I went into his home, complete with dust. — Okay, McCausland

“At that point, she stood for everything I wanted it to: a young Black woman from Atlanta who was at the top of her game.” I feel like that sense of power comes through in this picture.” — Bradley Wulf

“I wanted people to see what Sabrina would look like when she was at home and chilling out, but I also wanted it to be “extra,” like her.” It was weird, funny, and familiar, like Sabrina. by Lanna Apisukh

As soon as the cars began selling, things went crazy. I saw Annabella run out of the busy line out of breath with a big bag full of goodies. I took some pictures as she finally realized how successful she was. The happiness and relief on her face were just as proud to be seen as her much-desired sweatshirt. — Zach Wittman

“The idea of showing more than one face struck a chord with me because models are often seen and understood through different lenses.” — Michelle Schriek

“It was interesting to see how many different thoughts and feelings came up for me since I'm often naked and a big fan of it. It made me feel free and was one of the most powerful things I've ever done. — Janet Spicer

“I want everyone to feel how beautiful and glamorous they are.” People should feel like they were there with me, face-to-face with such greatness. — Mr. Aronson

“I love how men's grooming has changed over the years to give them more freedom.” It was really cool to hear guys talk about how they take care of themselves and choose a style. — Chou Jessica

“Today was the first day of camp.” I thought about all the things that could happen this summer as I watched this group of campers meet outside of their bunks. — John F. Kennedy

“In my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd get to photograph a cute pig in a bow tie, but I was ready for it.” — Arianna Drehsler


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