An image of Gengar shows how it changed from sprites to 3D models.

A Pokemon fan shows all of the different sprites that the Ghost-Type pocket monster Gengar has had over the course of the franchise's Generations.

Some Pokemon fan has collected every sprite of Gengar from every Pokemon game. As the games in Game Freak's series progress, the sprites of the various pocket monsters become more detailed, allowing players to better distinguish between them. The Pokemon sprites have changed a lot throughout the years, and with that, our perception of the characters.

It was the ultimate evolution of Gastly that resulted in Gengar, the original Ghost-Type in Pokemon Red and Blue. The Poison-Type pocket monster could be acquired by exchanging a Haunter. As one of the rare Pokemon to achieve both a Mega Evolution and a Gigantamax Form, Gengar has received multiple appearances in both the anime and the TCG. One player has collected Gengar's sprites from across the Generations games, offering fans a look at the evolution of the creature's design.

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Reddit user “CosmicCoronet” compiled all of Gengar's sprites, tracing the Pokemon's history from 1996 to the present day. When first introduced, the pocket monster had a hazy appearance. The creature's shape would flatten out, and the spikes on its back would diminish, as the series went. The Pokemon would also shift in colour, going from a dark purple in Generation 2 to a more pastel hue in later generations. The image that CosmicCoronet uploaded exemplified how the pocket monster had evolved and how much more detailed the sprite work had become.

It seems that many Redditors think that the Gengar sprite from Generation 2 is the finest, and that the artwork from that era of Pokemon is the best overall. Someone mentioned that the newer Gengar character models have nice colours but are overly smooth. One of the characters joked that the pocket monster's first appearance made it seem like it would stab people, but now it just seems like it would mug them casually.

Fans of the pixel-based sprites used in earlier generations of Nintendo's animals have recreated some of the newest Pokemon in the original Gold and Silver visual style. A Reddit user going by the handle The Internet Goblin gave several of the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet animals a classic style. The sprites were well-executed, giving the impression that the animals were designed to be depicted in that art style rather than their current 3D appearance. As the Pokemon series expands and evolves, players reveal that they miss the games of previous generations.

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