NASA and Kojima Productions Announce a Surprising Collaboration

Kojima Productions has partnered with NASA to launch a new Ludens-inspired product that is certain to attract enthusiasts seeking to enhance their wardrobe.

Kojima Productions announces an unexpected partnership with NASA. This new relationship is not for a game, but rather for something else that will nevertheless attract fans. The mascot of Kojima Productions is an astronaut named Ludens, making NASA a perfect partner for this collaboration.

Already offering memorabilia, shirts, and keychains on its website, Kojima Productions appears interested in expanding beyond the video game industry. Currently, since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began this year, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Kojima Productions's items go toward aiding Ukraine.


Kojima says it took years to add live action to Metal Gear Solid.

Collaboration between Kojima Productions and NASA has produced a brand-new, fashionable watch that will be available on the game company's website on September 27, 2022. The promotional clip for the watch begins with bits of the watch being combined into a sleek design that displays the Kojima Productions logo and the phrases “EXTRA-VEHICULAR CREATIVE ACTIVITY Outfit,” referring to the suit required for space travel worn by Ludens. The almost 30-second teaser concludes with a sight that is familiar to Kojima fans: Ludens standing in the distance on a surface viewing outer space. The first edition of Hideo Kojima's new podcast, “Brain Structure,” is already available for fans to enjoy. Fans can expect Kojima to discuss this watch and the relationship with NASA in a future episode.

A third-party firm, Anicorn, designed the watch that is exclusive to Kojima Productions by incorporating the NASA insignia and the mascot Ludens into the design. The watch will be a connection of time, space, and Homo Ludens, which means “those who play.” Yoji Shinkawa, who is also responsible for the character designs in the Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding, designed the watch. Players can anticipate Yoji Shinkawa's participation in Hideo Kojima's upcoming game, as well as the possible appearance of this watch as an easter egg.

Kojima Productions is not unfamiliar with the concept of including products as easter eggs in their games. Kojima introduced a pair of sunglasses products in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain through a cutscene involving the characters Ocelot and Snake. A duplicate of Venom Snake's prosthetic limb, including a crimson design and multi-grip capabilities, was also created for amputees. The watch is a nice addition for Kojima Productions enthusiasts in need of a fresh, aesthetically beautiful timepiece to demonstrate their passion for gaming and science.

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