Elden Ring Player Displays “Toxic” PvP Build

Players of Elden Ring use a wide variety of builds, and one of them recently published a “Toxic” build that was designed specifically for the player versus player version of the game. The action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware gives players a lot of freedom to customize their Elden Ring builds so that they are optimally suited to their play style. In Elden Ring, some players opt for a character with a mage-like build that focuses on magic and ranged attacks, while others play with a build that emphasizes physical prowess and makes use of massive weapons to deliver significant damage.

Elden Ring, much like other role-playing video games, features a leveling system that enables players to advance to higher levels if they have accumulated a certain amount of runes, the game's in-game money. Using these rules, players can raise the level of a single characteristic at a time, including their vitality, mind, intelligence, faith, arcane, strength, dexterity, and endurance. Players need to give serious consideration to the desired attribute they wish to increase, taking into account both their character and the way they play the game. In the end, some players, like this user on Reddit, will level up their character deliberately so that they can create an extremely powerful Elden Ring build.


OnlyWaifu has posted a video on Reddit that is one minute long and demonstrates their ‘Toxic' construct in the Elden Ring game. While a heavy metal song is playing in the background of the video, it manages to be both amusing and highly enjoyable at the same time. The brief video begins with an image of the user's equipment screen, which displays the user's preferred weapon as well as extra goods such as armor and other forms of protective gear. OnlyWaifu favors using the Cross-Naginata +3 weapon in each hand. This spear's power increases proportionately with the user's strength and dexterity. The video continues to demonstrate their energy at level 33, which is their highest leveled-up attribute at this point.

The clip also unveils OnlyWaifu's preferred Ash of War from Elden Ring, Seppuku, which causes a significant amount of damage related to blood loss and is used by Elden Ring. Following this, the remainder of the video demonstrates many invasions, each of which results in the host player being killed quickly and easily within a single or two bullets. In the final few seconds of the video, the invader can be seen employing this ‘Toxic' Elden Ring construct to one-shot another player after they have broken the stance of the opponent. In addition, the video includes a number of famous memes, such as an animated version of Tobey Maguire dancing and an animated version of J.K. Simmons laughing, both from the Spider-Man film series. The overwhelming majority of people gave respect to the original poster for their incredible video editing skills and the magnificent Elden Ring build they had created.

OnlyWaifu claims that the Seppuku Ash of War is one of, if not the most important part of their character, due to the fact that it produces tremendous amounts of blood loss and buildup. One of the most well-known skills in Elden Ring is called Seppuku, and it consists of stabbing oneself in the stomach in order to stain one's weapon with blood. This enhances the weapon's strike power as well as the damage it does when bleeding.

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