Everything you need to know about BTS and ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’

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BTS has appeared in a number of games, including Garena Free Fire and Brawl Stars, while also creating their own, such as BTS World. A recent revelation, however, suggests that this legendary K-pop trio will participate in an upcoming collaboration. The game in question is Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Devsisters, the same company that created the Cookie Run franchise, created this RPG gacha game. In addition to battling adversaries and exploring the game's narrative, players are encouraged to collect cookies and construct a kingdom in this game. Even though the game has featured events in the past, it will be intriguing to see how BTS fits into the game's narrative.

Here is all the information you need to know about the forthcoming BTS x Cookie Run: Kingdom partnership.

Everything you need to know about BTS and ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom'

“Braver Together” is the next collaboration between BTS and Cookie Run: Kingdom. In-game hints and a teaser trailer were provided prior to the collaboration's official announcement. According to some fans on social media, seven purple balloons were visible in the game, causing some to ponder their significance. They were unaware that it implied this particular teamwork.

According to an official description of the partnership given by Devsisters through Polygon, each member will be converted into their own own cookie. In addition, fans will be able to explore BTS-themed landscapes loaded with fresh backstory and attend a BTS concert within the game.

During the event, each member of BTS will be changed into a distinctive Cookie, and players will be taken to BTS-themed areas with brand-new narrative built specifically for this update. The culmination of the event will be a concert by BTS for the Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Devsisters reportedly told Rolling Stone that this partnership will “expand on Cookie Run's basic ideals of courage and inclusivity.” They also expressed their hope that the ARMY will appreciate this new upgrade, as the game is based on the same principles of “self-love” and “identity pride.”

The Cookie Run community is about appreciating variety and encouraging one another to be themselves. We recognised how perfectly our basic beliefs resonated with those of BTS, so it felt natural to welcome BTS and ARMY into the Cookie Run Universe.

ARMY is a distinct group of fans who genuinely like BTS due to the band's sincerity and messages of self-love, social justice, and mental health awareness. Their music speaks of self-love and motivates me to be proud of who I am. In addition, despite their ‘idol' status, BTS reinforces the notion that everyone is an idol by simply being themselves.

Each member's appearance within the game has not been revealed as of yet. Also, it was not known whether each member will provide their own voice for the game or whether voice actors will be used. A release date for the collaboration has not yet been revealed, but we are eagerly anticipating its arrival.


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