The Girl From Granby Lived In A Regime Of Terror!

She confessed to the police that she couldn't talk about what was going on at home

It Was In This House That The Girl From Granby Was Found Unconscious.

A real regime of terror and the law of silence reigned in the house where the girl from Granby was killed in horrible conditions, suggesting various information unveiled during the judicial process.

What happens at home stays at home,” the little child repeated several times to a Granby police officer, five months before her death, which occurred in April 2019. Poor but articulate for her age, the child refused to reveal to the authorities what was happening at the family home. Video of the interview was shown in court during the investigation into the release of the child's father in June 2019.

It is possible to release this information now as the latter will not stand trial because he pleaded guilty to forcible confinement on Monday. In his June 2019 decision in which he prevented the father from regaining his freedom, Judge Serge Champoux was unequivocal in describing the evidence presented to him.

Risking Their Lives 

“It seems [the children] have clearly and unambiguously understood that it is in their best interest to limit, or even to keep silent, at the risk of their life, what was going on in this house”, wrote the magistrate.

It is because he also took note of the testimony of the little brother of the girl, where he revealed to a policeman “that he has already been” taped “or tied in his bed with a belt just like it happens to him to undergo cold showers when he does not listen to the instructions ”.


This information had never been revealed to the jury during the trial of the mother-in-law, while this portion had been redacted. Judge Mario Gervais, this time in the Youth Chamber, had said about the little boy in a decision, that “at 5 years old, he is already skinned by life”.

Deprived Of Food

Another fact to note, the girl “had verbalized undergoing violence and ill-treatment at home, both from her father, the accused and from [the mother-in-law]”, said Judge Champoux in his judgment.

“Bruises Were Noted In Different Places On His Person,” He Noted.

“In February 2018, [the victim] verbalizes that she did not want to go home, given the punishments she receives there such as corporal punishment, confinement in her room, deprivation of food, obligation to wear diapers”, adds the magistrate. In November 2018, the girl is said to have said, “that she must not say anything to the DPJ, that the interveners are liars and that they want to remove her from her family”.

“It is 5 months before she dies”, recalls the judge, describing “a constellation of extremely worrying elements”.

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