Apex Legends Developer Explains Why Weapons Are Not Exclusively Designed for Care Package

Currently in Season 14 of Apex Legends, a developer from Respawn Entertainment has stated why weapons are not built specifically for the Care Package. Since the release of the battle royale mode at the start of 2019, Care Package weapons have been an integral feature of the game. These firearms, which cannot be discovered as floor loot during matches, are among the greatest in Apex Legends. Nonetheless, several players have seen an odd trend concerning certain firearms.


Specifically, some players have observed that almost every firearm included in the Care Package did not originate there. The Bocek Compound Bow and Rampage LMG from Seasons 9 and 10 were meant as ground loot weapons and were only recently added to the Care Package. In addition, the Mastiff shotgun, which was first included in the Care Package, has been accessible as ground loot in various seasons, leaving the Kraber as the sole weapon in Apex Legends that has never been available as ground loot.

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During a recent AMA (ask me anything) with the Apex Legends devs, one gamer wondered whether other Care Package-exclusive weaponry like the Kraber could be added to the battle royale, suggesting the addition of the EPG-1 from Titanfall. Fortunately, Eric Canavese, the Senior Game Designer for Apex Legends, responded quickly and discussed the concept. According to the developer, the addition of a Care Package-exclusive weapon to the game is “not absolutely out of the question,” and they have “prototyped” numerous such weapons. However, they stated that the likelihood of one of these prototypes being implemented in the main game in the near future was low.

Canavese cited the substantial amount of time required to make the Care Package balanced and “interesting” to explain why fewer firearms have been produced specifically for it. According to the developer's comments, establishing a new weapon exclusively for the Care Package would be “restrictive” and could leave players feeling “underwhelmed” because Care Package guns are difficult to obtain in the battle royale. In addition, they found that weapons that can be obtained as ground loot are more valuable because they have a greater impact on the meta.

While Canavese's explanation makes a lot of sense, it would be intriguing to see additional Care Package weaponry produced in the future. It would also be intriguing to see the Kraber relocated to ground treasure. While this is unlikely to occur in ordinary game modes, it may make for a hectic and entertaining LTM in Apex Legends. Fans will likely have to wait a few months to learn what weapons the game's producers want to add in the coming months and whether or not another gun will be released exclusively for the Care Package.

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