Guide to the Apex Legends Beast Of Prey Event

The next Collection Event for Apex Legends, Beast of Prey, went live on Tuesday with an update that introduced a new limited-time mode, minor meta changes, and a plethora of new cosmetic items, including Loba's long-awaited Heirloom weapon. Apex's impending updates are sufficiently substantial for the game's developers to schedule two Reddit AMAs to answer players' questions.

Yesterday was the first AMA, which mostly centred on the new Gun Run LTM. The second AMA will focus on legends, weaponry, and the overall meta of the game. It is slated for today at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on the official Apex Legends subreddit. The Beast of Prey event has enough information to cover two Reddit AMAs, so continue reading for a feature-by-feature breakdown of everything this packed event has to offer.

Gun Run

Gun Run is a new limited-time mode that offers an Outlands-inspired spin on the normal Gun Game gameplay. It is arguably the most exciting new addition to appear with the Beast of Prey update. Four squads of four players must work through a 25-weapon arsenal one kill at a time to achieve victory. When a team reaches 25 kills, their firearms are swapped with throwing knives, granting each member the chance to win the fight on their own. The winning squad is the first to execute a knife kill.

Don't forget to visit the firing range if you're having trouble hitting your targets while practising with throwing knives.

Gathering Event cosmetics

Each of the 24 cosmetic items in the Beast of Prey collection may be unlocked using 100 Apex Coins ($1 USD), Crafting Metals, or Beast of Prey Apex Packs (700 AC each). The collection includes the following items:

Epic (1,000 Ability Score / 800 Crafting Metals)

Preyed Upon Lifeline banner frame
Banner skeleton of Xenothrone Horizon
Unaffiliated holo spay
Show Off Loba's skydiving expression
Joyful Gigawatts Wattson Affective Ones and Threes Mirage emote
Hollow One Gibraltar legend skin
Blight Walker Revenant legend skin
Harmful Waste CAR SMG weapon skin
Pestilent Spray Hemlock weapon scabbard Bloody Gold Longbow cutaneous
Polar Fox Wingman weapon skin

Exceptional (1,800 AC / 2,400 Crafting Metals)

Reward Hunter Fuse legend skin
Healing Huntress Lifeline legend skin
The Appeal of the Hunt Loba legend skin
Mark of Death Substitution
Skin for the Chunky Tech Havoc weapon
Toxic Attack Peacekeeper weapon skin Search and Destroy legend skin Die Tired Octane Pathfinder legend skin
Frozen Carnage Rampart legend skin
Skin for the secondary Jaw Rampage weapon
Golden Claws Prowler weapon skin
Brood Mother Horizon skin legend

You may examine the Alien versus Predator-inspired cosmetics in greater detail in our Beast of Prey Collection Event gallery.

Loba's Heirloom set

Unlocking all 24 Beast of Prey cosmetics grants the Garra de Alanza, the heirloom weapon of Loba (“Claw of Alanza”). Loba's inheritance, modelled like a fan previously owned by her late mother Alanza, with sharp, claw-like blades and a unique examine animation depicting her severing one of Revenant's spare heads in half.

In a distinct weapon inspection animation, Loba vents her rage on one of the Revenant's spare skulls.

The following items are granted to players who unlock Loba's Heirloom set:

Garra de Alanza Heirloom Weapon Trazer de Volta (“return” or “restore”) Loba banner posture
“I'm in a category by myself” Loba intro quip

After the event concludes, Loba's Heirloom will be be available for purchase in the Mythic Store in return for Heirloom Shards. Players can obtain Heirloom Shards by opening Apex Packs, and they are promised one set for every 500 Apex Packs opened.


The Beast of Prey event also contains a variety of goodies that are unlocked by earning Challenge Points. Challenges are refreshed daily, and thus far, the event appears to provide players with the same set of daily challenges. Each task has a second level that allows you to earn additional points for completing the initial challenge.

The following challenges comprise the initial level:

  • Play two games
  • Deal 1,500 damage
  • Gain 5 kills or assists in any mode to unlock this achievement
  • Obtain five knockdowns in a combat royale.
  • Earn four Top 10 finishes in battle royale.

To earn all of the event's free gifts, you'll need a total of 5,000 Challenge Points.

You can also obtain the following battlefield achievements badges. You can get the following badges by completing the related challenges:

Deal 50,000 damage in any mode during the Beast of Prey event using the Devastator.
Beast of Prey Exterminator: Acquire 200 kills or assists in any mode during the Beast of Prey event to unlock this achievement.
Beast of Prey Arms Dealer: During the Beast of Prey event, win 10 matches of Gun Run.
Master of Beasts of Prey: Acquire all other Beasts of Prey badges.

The Beast of Prey event features a free reward track full of cosmetic items.
The Beast of Prey event offers a free reward track that contains cosmetic items.
Free rewards

As you gain Challenge Points, the following rewards will become available to you:

Horizon stat tracker setup (victories/damage dealt/kills): 500 / 1,250 / 2,000 Challenge Points (victories/damage dealt/kills).

Vantage stat tracker set (wins/damage done/kills): 750 / 2,500 / 4,000 Challenge Points
Badge of the Beasts of Prey banner: 250 Challenge Points
Beasts of Prey: 250 Challenge Points for the Music Pack
Apex Pack: 1,000 Points of Difficulty
Charm of the Hunter's Pack (Epic): 1,500 Challenge Points
Stalker Vantage legend skin (Epic): 3,000 Challenge Points
The legendary Arctic Calibration Devotion weapon skin costs 3,500 Challenge Points.
Legendary Killer Carapice Flatline weapon skin: 5,000 Challenge Points.

Store bundles

Several store packages will also be offered during the event's duration.

The store bundles feature skins both old and new.
The store packages contain both classic and new skins.

September 27 – October 4:

The second set of store bundles available during the event
The second group of accessible retail bundles during the event

The Beast of Prey Collection Event will run through October 4, so if you want to get your hands on the two free Legendary weapon skins that are part of the reward track, you'll need to start racking up those Challenge Points as soon as possible.

On both consoles and personal computers, playing Apex Legends is completely free. Apex Legends Mobile is the name of the mobile port of the game, and it can be downloaded on mobile devices running either Android or iOS.


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