Modern Warfare 2 Beta Changes Announced, Minimap Remains Unaltered

Infinity Ward has released all upcoming modifications to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 test for the upcoming weekend. In addition to introducing new game types and maps, Infinity Ward will modify the rate at which players acquire perks during a match.

After the first weekend of the Modern Warfare 2 beta, Infinity Ward published a blog post outlining the improvements that will be implemented for the following weekend and moving ahead. It also addressed fan concerns on changes Infinity Ward made to this year's Call of Duty compared to the previous instalment, such as the removal of a red dot on the minimap when an adversary shoots a weapon. Infinity Ward noted that this change is intended to reduce the penalties of shooting a weapon while encouraging players to follow the sound of bullets rather than their minimap. Some beta participants have complained about the new minimap, claiming that it renders the use of silencers unnecessary.

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Additionally, Infinity Ward stated that it has made modifications and bug fixes to muzzle flash and smoke in order to improve visibility once a conflict has begun. It also stated that it will experiment with various methods to make it easier to distinguish between foes and allies, although no specifics were provided.

As in past Call of Duty games, perks will continue to be activated throughout a match, rather than all at once at the start. Infinity Ward will modify the rate at which players gain extra perks in an effort to discover the optimal rate. The blog post addressed objections about Dead Silence being a field upgrade rather than a perk, but stated that it is crucial for the game to restrict Dead Silence's usage. In earlier Call of Duty games, Dead Silence, which allows you to move without making noise, was a perk, but it is now a field improvement. This means that instead of never creating noise, players merely refrain from doing so when the field enhancement is enabled.

Additionally, Infinity Ward stated that it has repaired a variety of problems and implemented a number of enhancements, notably to the Gunsmith and loadout menus. It was also mentioned that the community appears to be pleased with the removal of slide cancelling and that the developers are presently studying how to deal with an exploit that allows players to slide cancel despite the feature being removed.

On Xbox and PC, preloading for the Modern Warfare 2 beta has begun. Preordered Xbox and PC users can begin playing the beta on September 22, with the beta opening to the general public on September 24.

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