Possible ancient Aegean board game pieces made of mysterious stone balls

Stone spheres unearthed at ancient villages located all around the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas may have been used as game pieces in an old board game that also involved stone slabs.

The artificial intelligence has now categorised hundreds of stone spheres.

Christianne Fernee, Konstantinos Trimmis

According to an investigation that was assisted by artificial intelligence, enigmatic stone spheres might be the surviving pieces of an old board game that was popular in settlements located all across the Aegean and Mediterranean thousands of years ago.

According to Konstantinos Trimmis, a researcher at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, “Similar stones have been unearthed on Crete, in other Aegean islands, and in Cyprus.” “They are all coming out of excavations, and people are always mystified as to what the stones are,” said the archaeologist.

In order to evaluate the validity of the various hypotheses concerning the stones' function, Trimis…

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