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All the documents presented on this site have only an informative value and cannot, therefore, be considered legally binding documents. The texts of laws and regulations presented in their consolidated form are included for information purposes. 

They do not, therefore, create any right or obligation other than those resulting from legal texts legally adopted and published; only the latter is authentic. The information provided on this site does not engage the responsibility of the federal public service Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment. Although our aim is to keep the information up-to-date and accurate, we cannot guarantee the result and we will do our best to correct any errors that are brought to our attention. The Digitalkarate,

Some of the materials on this site may contain references or links to information from other organizations. However, the SPF does not guarantee the relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of this external information material and accepts no liability in this regard. The associations, organizations, and websites listed on this site are chosen objectively for the sole purpose of providing visitors to our site with the most relevant and complete information possible. However, we cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or updating of the information.

The mention of certain companies or products in no way implies that they are preferentially recommended over other companies or similar products not mentioned.

This website and the information and applications it contains are the property of the federal public service Public Health, Food Chain Safety, and Environment. Unless otherwise stated, rights are not subject to any time limit and apply to all countries. 

Consequently, any partial or complete reproduction of this site in any form whatsoever is subject to prior authorization from the SPF. The exception is made for non-commercial school and educational uses. The establishment of hyperlinks to the site is free and does not require prior authorization. On the other hand, it is forbidden to nest the pages of this site within the pages of another site. Any reproduction of the site must imperatively mention the source: Digitalkarate,

Failure to comply with these provisions and any inappropriate use of all or part of the site will be prosecuted.

Future adaptations of this legal information cannot be ruled out. We, therefore, ask you to re-read this information from time to time in order to stay informed of any changes.

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