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Controversy as a man refused to leave a women-only sauna in Sydney

A woman has revealed the unbelievable moment an unidentified man stormed into a sauna that was reserved only for women, and then became irate when he was asked to leave the establishment.

Milly Bannister, a social media influencer based in Sydney, described the unsettling encounter online, where she revealed how she and a girlfriend were sitting in the women's sauna while wearing “short apparel.”

The young woman of 25 years old revealed that in her building, there are male and female specialised sauna facilities. This is done to enhance the comfort and safety of the customers that frequent the property.

Therefore, when an unidentified male “barged” into the female-only sauna where the two women were relaxing, they were both perplexed and worried; consequently, they urged the man to leave as fast as possible.

However, this caused the stranger to become irate, and he was caught on camera arguing with the women while wearing nothing but a speedo and remaining in the women's sauna despite the fact that the men's sauna was vacant.

Milly claimed that the man's defence to his conduct consisted of him suggesting that he could be “gay” and therefore permitted to use the female sauna. However, the man later verified that he preferred the women's sauna because it “gets hotter.” Milly was confused by the man's behaviour.

In the beginning of the video, which she named “Male privilege check,” she stated, “Okay, so I'm at the pool in my building complex that I have a pass to.”

“There are a couple of saunas that are located within this area; one of them is designated for males, and the other one is designated for females.

“Of course, I would feel more comfortable using the female pronoun in this situation since I'm wearing revealing apparel, I'm sweating, and I'm having a conversation with my partner in a very confined environment.

“It's something that's extremely close to you and quite intimate.

“So my friend and I were sitting in this female sauna when all of a sudden this man walks in without knocking and sits down with us right in the middle of it.

“The question is, am I the a**hole for asking the man to leave, because I don't feel comfortable in a female-only sauna to have a man there who I don't know,” because I don't feel comfortable having a man there who I don't know.

Milly captured a quick video of the man, who appeared to be upset by the circumstances and yelled at the women, saying that they “shouldn't judge.”

She claimed that she and her buddy eventually made the decision to leave the sauna because of the man who would not leave despite their repeated requests for him to do so.

Milly stated unequivocally that she would report the occurrence to the managing agent of the building.

A significant number of her supporters expressed shock and outrage at what had taken place, and many of them advocated for the individual to be punished in some way.

Some individuals even brought up the possibility that the unknown individual had nefarious objectives.

One user expressed their concern by saying, “The fact that he didn't leave and fought you on this is a worrisome red flag.”

“Based on the way he behaved, I believe he had a reason for what he did; thus, you made the correct choice.”

“Female only sauna” is the same thing as “female only.” It would be a different story if the sign had read “unspecified” or “unisex,” but it clearly states that only females are permitted to enter,” commented another person.

Someone pointed out that the manner in which he goes straight to asking “how do you know I'm not gay” is a major warning sign.

There is a specific area for saunas for a reason, and that purpose is for safety. Please do not spend time alone with him.

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