Anniversary of the assault on the Capitol Donald Trump cancels his speech

The remote clash between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will not take place: the former US president said on Tuesday to give up giving a press conference on Thursday, exactly one year after his supporters stormed the Capitol.

Donald Trump does an about-face. US President Joe Biden will now have all the spotlight on him, Thursday, January 6, to commemorate the first anniversary of the deadly assault on Capitol Hill. His predecessor Donald Trump announced Tuesday, January 4, that he was canceling the press conference he planned to hold simultaneously from his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

In a statement, the Republican assured that he will speak on January 15, at a meeting in Arizona. And he protests again against the “fraud” which, according to him, and without him providing any proof, marred the last presidential election won by Joe Biden. “The crime of the century!” writes Donald Trump, whom his Democratic opponent has beaten by seven million votes.

Donald Trump, who did not specify the reason for the cancellation, again criticized the “dishonesty” of the House of Representatives investigation into the incidents of January 6, 2021, and lashed out at the media, one of his favorite targets.

The former president continues to oppose the special parliamentary commission of inquiry being able to access archived documents from his administration. He was indicted for the second time in his term by the House of Representatives for “incitement to insurgency”.

The announcement of this speech, which would have coincided with a moment of meditation by the US Congress in Washington, had been received as yet another provocation by the critics of the former president. But the prospect of this speech also seemed to embarrass the Republican camp, on which Donald Trump nevertheless has an immense influence. The majority of supporters of the conservative party indeed adhere to the thesis of the “theft” of the last presidential election that it peddles.

Biden Will Talk About The “Truth” Of The Facts

Donald Trump's about-face leaves the way open to Joe Biden, who will speak Thursday from Capitol Hill, where thousands of supporters of his Republican opponent tried to prevent Congress from certifying his election.

It will pay tribute to the bravery of law enforcement while highlighting the work that remains to be done to strengthen the nation's democracy, the White House reported.


“The president is going, to tell the truth about what happened, and not the lies that some have since spread, and the danger posed to our rule of law and our system of democratic governance,” said his spokesperson. Jen Psaki.

Asked about the message Joe Biden planned to convey to the many Republican voters who believed he “stole” the presidential election, despite evidence to the contrary, Jen Psaki replied that he would “continue speaking to the whole country “about” what he wants to do to make their life better.

Five Dead In The Uprising

The attack on the Capitol, a symbol of American democracy, left five people dead, including a police officer. More than 100 other police officers were injured in the incidents, while four officers subsequently committed suicide. Authorities have since arrested more than 700 people.


As congressional officials gathered on January 6, 2021, to certify Joe Biden's electoral victory, hundreds of Donald Trump supporters led an assault on the Capitol following an inflammatory speech by the then tenant. of the White House. Donald Trump denounced for many weeks, without proof, electoral fraud to his detriment. The multiple appeals brought by his campaign team in different states of the country were rejected by the courts. Several events are scheduled for Thursday in Washington, including a vigil in front of the Capitol.

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